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Here you will find more information about our expertise and an overview of the practices we are specialised in. Click on one of the practices for more information.
1Commercial contracts
During contract negotiations it is easy to focus on the key-issues that catch your interest. While vital details such as the financial arrangements or a product’s functionality may at the core, you can sometimes lose sight of other relevant aspects or legal technicalities, which later may prove to be essential to the success of your deal. Clear contracts are crucial for the development of any company and to ensure smooth and fruitful collaborations. When you come to us you can count on not only our significant legal knowledge, but also that you will have a pragmatic and commercial-minded lawyer by your side to help you achieve your commercial objectives. We have extensive experience with a broad range of agreements, everything from concluding a Swedish standard construction agreement, such as AB 04 and ABT 06, to setting up a complex multinational clinical trial of a cutting-edge pharmaceutical drug or medical device.
2Real estate and construction law
With our comprehensive knowledge in the field of real estate and construction law we can advise throughout the course of virtually any real estate project, at any stage. We offer legal advice from the initial phase of planning and permit applications to finished construction; further on to sale or lease; and all the steps in between. Whether you are large real estate developer or construction company with a complex real estate project or a private person renovating your home we are here to aid you and your needs. We serve clients in all branches of the construction and real estate industry such as construction companies, housing developers, property owners, investors, suppliers, maintenance providers, and consumers. Our services range from legal advice and drafting of contracts to disputes and litigation concerning construction or real estate matters.
3Employment law
In our daily practice we help both employers and employees with a variety of employment matters, such as drafting and negotiating employment contracts and in-depth advice regarding dismissal issues. By their very nature, issues involving employment law can at times be both sensitive and urgent. We provide strategic and tailored advice with prompt and decisive actions. While we aim to prevent conflicts, we also do have extensive expertise in dispute resolutions relating to various employment issues. Reach out to us and let us know your specific needs!
4Privacy and GDPR
Use of data is getting increasingly more and more important for business and is often promoted as a key to growth in the future. Today almost all companies process personal data in some way. However, personal data and use thereof is often guarded by complex regulations. Increasingly restrictive rules are created both on national and international level all over the world and how you may collect, store, and use data is varying in different sectors and countries. Madvisor Law can think along with you and help you to responsibly handle personal data in a compliant yet feasible manner.
5Corporate law
Madvisor Law can help you navigate your corporate affairs with pragmatic commercial advice on a wide range of matters such as the incorporation of legal entities, corporate housekeeping, corporate governance, directors’ liability, and can assist you with our skilled drafting of various corporate related documents that you may need for your organization, including articles of association and bylaws, corporate resolutions and shareholder agreements, management agreements, transfer agreements and much more.
6Consumer and tenancy law
There exist several laws and rules, both in Sweden and on a European level, that stipulates different kinds of special protection to consumers and tenants. We know that it at times can be difficult to determine how such rules apply to you, and we are also aware that it can be highly distressful to encounter a consumer or tenancy law problem. Therefore, we are committed to providing high-quality cost-effective legal advice for your unique situation. Regardless of if you are a consumer/tenant or an entrepreneur/landlord, you may have questions about your rights and obligations. If you are concerned about a matter relating to consumer or tenancy law and do not know what to do next, you can always reach out to us!
7Family and criminal law
Life can be challenging at times. Whether you just preemptively wish to organize your personal matters such as a last will, prepare a prenuptial or a co-habitant agreement, or if you are in the midst of a rough separation, you can rest assure that you are in good hands with us if you need legal advice for a personal matter. Your concerns are our concerns. We also provide a limited criminal law practice to help our clients as counsel for an injured party, appeals for speeding and driving license issues and matters relating to corporate affairs, such as personal liability. If you find yourself in a matter involving criminal law, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss if we can help you, either directly or by referring you to other Swedish lawyers in our network.
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